Richard Bennett

Senior Research Fellow - Information Technology and Innovation Foundation


Richard Bennett is the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation Senior Fellow specializing in Internet policy, network management, and wireless networks. He has a 30 year background in network engineering and standards: He was vice-chair of the IEEE 802.3 task group that devised the original Ethernet switching standard, and has contributed to Wi-Fi standards for fifteen years. He was active in OSI, the instigator of RFC 1001, and founded, along with Bob Metcalfe, the Open Token Foundation, the first network industry alliance to operate an interoperability lab. He's worked for leading applied research labs, where portions of his work were underwritten by DARPA. He is the inventor of four issued patents on wireless networking and Internet protocols.

Richard frequently speaks at network industry gatherings and policy conferences in the US and Europe, such as State of the Net, eComm, FutureNet, and Supernova. He’s testified before Congress, appeared before the FCC as an expert witness on network management, has been cited in numerous FCC submissions. He currently advises governments around the world on network policy.

Richard built one of the first political activist blogs in 1996, has published articles and reports in policy journals, the tech press, text books, and major newspapers, and has appeared on radio and television. His written work on the Internet and broadband networks forms a central part of the network policy debate, framing often emotional issues on a dispassionate and technically sound basis.