James Baller

Senior Principal - Baller Stokes & Lide, P.C.
Washington , DC


Jim Baller, a Senior Principal of the Baller Herbst Law Group in Washington, DC represents NATOA, local governments, public power utilities, and various other entities in more than 35 states in a broad range of communications matters.  

The Fiber to the Home Council has recognized Jim as "the nation's most experienced and knowledgeable attorney on public broadband matters," and MuniWireless has called him "the foremost legal expert on U.S. public broadband matters."  He was NATOA’s Member of the Year in 2001 and its first "Community Broadband Visionary of the Year" in 2007, for "almost single-handedly putting the issue of the need for a national broadband strategy to the forefront of public consciousness." In 2009, Ars Technica included him on its list of the 25 "Top Names in Technology Policy" and Fiber Today named him its "Person of the Year."  In 2012, he received the FTTH Council Chairman's Award “for his relentless promotion and pursuit of community broadband and of faster networks for everyone. His efforts have paved the way for the deployment of all-fiber networks across the country.”  In 2014, SEATOA presented him one of its Community Broadband Advocacy Awards for “beating back (two years in a row) anti-municipal broadband legislation in Georgia.”

Jim is graduate of Dartmouth College and Cornell Law School.