Terrence Heiser

Network Manager - City of Roseville - NSCC
Roseville , MN

Terre Heiser joined the City of Roseville in 1987 as a department supervisor and was instrumental in the deployment of the city’s first local area network. In 1998, Roseville’s network was extended via the cable franchise agreement to provide institutional network connectivity to the neighboring communities of Mounds View and Arden Hills. This enabled Roseville to deliver information technology (IT) services and systems support through cost sharing intergovernmental agreements.

Today the network includes 23 local government agencies in 4 Twin Cities Metropolitan area counties. Through a combined effort by all participating agencies, technology services have been consolidated into a single IT department. Consolidating core IT services has resulted in a combined budget savings of approximately $500,000 per year for the group. The collective network, more commonly referred to as Metro-INET, provides centralized private cloud services to 1,200 city employees. The metro area network (MAN) includes 125 facilities interconnected by a combination of cable franchise provided fiber optic infrastructure and city constructed municipal fiber making Metro-INET one of the largest municipal networks in Minnesota. Serving as the Network Manager for Metro-INET, Mr. Heiser is responsible for the administration of IT services for the group, develops policies governing the use of the collective network, and manages all other aspects of the network including the data center, IP telephony, email, Internet access, and the wired/wireless infrastructure including city-owned communication towers.

Mr. Heiser is a frequent speaker at Hamline University’s leadership seminar programs where he provides insight on the value of intergovernmental joint powers agreements for not only information technology but also for cost sharing public works services.