Laura Bonavita

Principal Associate - National League of Cities (NLC)
Washington , DC

Laura Bonavita is a Principle Associate at the National League of Cities’ Center on Federal Relations. She serves as the primary staff contact for the organization’s Information Technology and Communications Committee that has jurisdiction over issues related to telecommunications and information systems and public access to these systems, including privacy issues, cable TV, phone services, spectrum issues, communications tower siting, universal service, broadcasting, and defense of city rights-of-way from degradation caused by installation of communications facilities. In this capacity, she monitors and reports on legislative and regulatory developments that affect municipalities.

Prior to joining NLC, Laura was an Assistant Vice President in the Washington, DC office of an international law firm where she focused on public sector clients including cities, counties, universities and non-profit organizations. Through helping clients develop priority objectives and translate their goals into actionable federal strategies, Laura worked extensively with Congress, the Administration and federal agencies to advance legislative, regulatory and programmatic initiatives. She has also worked for a Member of Parliament in London, England and for a New Jersey state assemblyman.

Laura holds a BA from the University of Richmond where she was a double major in French and Political Science.