Mike Lynch

Director, Broadband & Cable - City of Boston, Mass.
Boston , MA

Mike Lynch transitioned from public policy & communications world back into an IT environment just before the Telecommunications Act of 1996 became law. Almost 20 years later and he’s still pretty much in the same job and loves it!

Mike’s responsible for expanding broadband deployment in Boston; Cityofboston.gov website management; monitoring cable television franchises; mediating consumer issues, cable service, performance, rates and construction; programming government and educational television; collaborating with the Boston Neighborhood Network Television; and managing telecomm activity in the City’s PROW. Successively, he’s worked as a freelance photojournalist, weekly newspaper manager, mayor’s press secretary, hospital public affairs director and mayoral policy advisor.

Mike’s active in local telecomm and community programming issues through the Mass. Municipal Assoc., Mass. Chapter of NATOA, and the WGBH Community Advisory Board.

On the local community level, he volunteers at a number of organizations including Main Streets, Boston Latin School Association and Boston’s community centers. He’s a graduate of University of Mass. (BSIT) with a certificate in Project Management. Mike’s married with 2 adult children.

On weekends, he can be found sailing around Boston Harbor in an old MacGregor VN23 he rebuilt with his son.