Sean McLaughlin

Executive Director - Access Humboldt
Eureka , CA

Digital ecologist Sean McLaughlin serves as executive director of Access Humboldt ( - a community media organization providing local access channels, broadband network connections, digital media production resources, training and support for local governments, tribes, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and residents of Humboldt County, California USA.  AH's Digital Redwoods initiative was awarded the "Community Wireless Broadband Network of the Year" by NATOA in 2009.

McLaughlin is a Knight Media Policy Fellow with New America Foundation and a ZFellow with ZeroDivide.  He serves on the California Teleconnect Fund Administrative Committee, previously served as an elected member of NATOA’s Board of Directors, and has published articles, provided expert testimony before legislative and regulatory agencies, and participated in international conferences around the world.

Educated at Dartmouth College, McLaughlin taught "Politics of Media" at the University of Hawaii and served on their Broadcast Communications Authority as vice chair. McLaughlin was the first director of telecommunications for the Honolulu City Council and the first chief executive officer for Akaku: Maui Community Television. During his tenure, Akaku grew to include five cable TV channels, low power FM radio and online media services.