Keith Reeves

Station Manager - City of Austin, Texas
Austin , TX

Keith is the Station Manager for City of Austin Channel 6.  After working in the film industry, Keith entered the world of government television as the Station Manager of DTV - Denton Television.  As the first full-time employee of DTV, he built the station into an award-winning operation with a diverse programming line-up.  In 2006, Keith was hired to manage City of Austin Channel 6 - which at the time primarily consisted of public meeting coverage.  Since focusing on a diverse programming line-up, Channel 6 has been honored with numerous awards including our first Lone Star Emmy nomination and Austin's first NATOA Overall Excellence nomination.

He currently serves as the Programmer's Representative on the TATOA Board of Directors and he chairs the Programming Committee that organizes the TATOA Programming Awards and conference sessions for programmers.  Keith has a B.A in Radio, Television, Film from the University of North Texas, has served on several NATOA committees and has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences.  Keith hopes to continue to make TATOA and NATOA a great resource for programmers across the country.