Sherry McCuller

Chief Executive Officer - Peregrine Management Partners LLC
Moorefield , WV



Founder & CEO, Peregrine Management Partners, Burnsville NC

Founder & CEO, McCuller Muir Management Partners, Atlanta, GA

Board Member & Chair of Policy & Legal Committee, SEATOA
Board Member & Member of Broadband Committee, NATOA

"Connectedness deepens awareness and expands individual imagination. Imagination is the heart of creativity, upon which rural community development depends.”

Peregrine is exclusively focused on funding, deployment and start-up management of advanced technology ventures in underserved areas.   Peregrine helps underserved area initiatives develop informed, effective and innovative strategies and technology and business plans -- attracting over $276 million in public, private and nonprofit investment to date.    Peregrine leads large-scale broadband infrastructure deployments and early-stage advanced technology ventures on behalf of its clients. 

Peregrine developed the strategies and applications for five BTOP and BIP initiatives in 2009-2010, 100% of which were awarded.  Peregrine provided research, strategies, broadband access data collection, community outreach and private sector negotiations for two other BTOP and BIP projects, both of which were also awarded.   Peregrine is currently engaged in project management, contract management and compliance administration for five BTOP and BIP awards. 

McCuller Muir Management Partners is engaged in mobile application design, development and marketing for underserved communities.