David Dalby

Assistant Director - County of Monterey
Salinas , CA

Dave Dalby, is a Professional IT and Telecommunications Engineer with international and North American training and experience.



The last 12 years have been spent as the Assistant Director of Information Technology for Monterey County, California. With some 4,600 employees, the County covers 3,300 square miles with 20+ departments in widespread offices, including a Hospital, Social and Emergency services using a variety of applications to serve the public via the County Data Center.  Voice, data and video services with convergence has been the challenge. .As a hands on designer-manager team selection and team building was a key ingredient for success.

International experience originated with 10 years in technical operations and project work on international voice and data networks with Cable and Wireless Ltd.

North American based work included service as a consultant, contract system integration and business development work plus a stint with a regional telephone Company. A major recent project, as a senior technical advisor was the joint Canada/USA North warning defense project. As a technical visionary providing reliable broadband connectivity cost effectively is the challenge. Newer technologies include fiber optics at Gig E and CWDM, microwave, wireless and laser microwave using IT protocols such as IP, OSPF and BGP.