Cecily McMahan

Cable Administrator - City of Richmond
Richmond , CA

Cecily McMahan currently serves as Cable Administrator for City of Richmond, CA. With 44 years in television & media, she has worked in broadcast and cablecast for government, industrial, and commercial entities.  In 1989, she was a part of the original team to build KCRT-TV and she served as Production & Programming Coordinator for many years, as well as the Administrator with budget oversight since 2003.

Over her career, she has worked with hundreds of non-profit agencies, corporations & businesses, and government agencies, in television production, coordinating interviews, press conferences, and special events. In addition to video production, much of her work has included: station development, installation, & operation; PEG sponsorship & fund development, organizational promotions & marketing strategies; right-of-way value contract negotiations; and crisis communications.

In addition, she has taught TV & media production in both educational and professional environments; project & presentation development, including media training program design; website production analysis & development and, most currently, media “self defense” in a viral world.